Yeah, I've been known to have a hot take or two. Or a dozen. But I do believe I've grown into a strong opinion writer over the years, especially when I have a subject I'm passionate about. 

Max Holloway Continues to Be a Great UFC Champion in His Own Way

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has entered a new era. It is an era when championship fighters can almost be expected to seek out the most lucrative bouts available or look for opportunities to obtain multiple championships in different divisions. We have Conor McGregor to thank for this, of course. It was McGregor who single-handedly detonated the UFC's pay scale, and McGregor who held enough power that the company was forced to acquiesce to his demands for a shot at a championship in a se

Don't Downplay Daniel Cormier's Dominant UFC 230 Win over Derrick Lewis

As Daniel Cormier's career ticks down to a self-mandated retirement next year at age 40, he finds himself in an interesting historical place. There will be those who will never let him forget about his two losses to Jon Jones, as though two losses to the man who would arguably be the best fighter of all time if he were able to get his act together outside the Octagon somehow diminish a career as sterling as Cormier's. And then there are those who will look at the breadth of Cormier's ledger an

Relentless UFC Pound-for-Pound King Daniel Cormier Is Better Than Ever at Age 39

Thirty-nine is not an age known for athletic achievement. By the time an athlete is 39 years old, they are generally either winding down their careers or already comfortably ensconced in retirement. It's the time when your reflexes start slowing down, when you begin to struggle against fighters who you would've blown right through a few years ago. It's when you start thinking about getting a broadcasting gig or devoting more time to running your gym or signing to fight for Bellator. There are

Khabib Nurmagomedov Brought His Best vs. Conor McGregor; Then We Saw His Worst

Khabib Nurmagomedov beat Conor McGregor on Saturday night in the main event of UFC 229. "He bludgeoned him" is probably a more accurate way to describe it. It went precisely how most of the sport's followers predicted it would go: If McGregor could not keep his back off the canvas, he was in big trouble. You know, like every other Khabib fight. And it was like every other Khabib fight, right up to the part where it became unlike any other UFC fight in the history of the sport. After three rou