I love all kinds of journalism. But I will admit there's nothing like being the first to report a story to the world. It's an endorphin rush that can't be found anywhere else (at least not legally). Even now, long after moving on from the daily grind of chasing scoops, I still miss the chase. 

It's also the likely reason you follow my work, or have heard of me at all.

Below is an archive of some of the stories I've broken over the past decade. Over the past five years, I started breaking most of the news I had on Twitter, where I could get the word out faster and (most importantly) get instant gratification from replies, RT's and likes. So a lot of my stories aren't in here, but they'll be up soon in the form of screenshots. Thanks, Google.

Inside Fights

Daniel Cormier to Make Strikeforce Debut

Back in 2009, I broke the news that Daniel Cormier was set to make his much-anticipated Strikeforce debut. It was the first time I'd ever spoken to Cormier. It would not be the last.
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Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier Staredown Erupts in MGM Grand Brawl

LAS VEGAS — The pre-fight festivities between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier went to a new level on Monday morning when a staredown between the pair ended up resulting in a brawl that destroyed the stage and sent security officers scrambling to contain both fighters. Update: Kirk Hendrick, Chief Legal Officer for the UFC, issued a statement via the UFC website insinuating that there will be consequences for both Jones and Cormier. "This is certainly not a proud mom